Fi Network

Fi Network is a decentralized financial trading and gaming platform, created based on blockchain technology, thereby bringing a new experience to players, investors as well as fairness and transparency in the game. each game and transaction.

Fi Network's Diverse Ecosystem

Fi . Pricing Details

Start day
Last Day
State 1
3 months
State 2
3 months
State 3
3 months
Supply announcement
State 4
3 months
State 5

How To Get Fi In Stages

Login to website to register an account
Share the referral link with your friends to get Fi and Fi coin miner
Go to the store section to choose to buy Fi mining machines according to your needs
Step 4: MINING Fi
Every day after 24 hours you enter the factory to activate the mining button located on the machine

Congratulations !

Congratulations on owning Fi in the Fi wallet on the Fi Network platform.

Why Choose Fi Network

The potential of Fi . cryptocurrency

We will be the intermediary connecting all players around the world, all those who love openness, transparency and fairness come together, our huge revenue is transaction fees per play in each room, every day we will have 1 million plays, each time we collect an average transaction fee of $1, so our 1 day revenue will be 1 million dollars, that number will be much bigger as the community that loves blockchain casino grows bigger. That’s when the Fi cryptocurrency will be widely traded around the world, and the goal of becoming the world’s 10 largest traded cryptocurrencies is no longer a matter of the future.

First Game ?

We always want to bring to all of you a public, transparent investment model with safe and sustainable profits, that’s why Xpay Counter Ratio was born, the first game product in the world. in the Fi Network ecosystem, a simple, effective and developed investment platform based on the perfect combination of the most popular football sport and the cryptocurrency called Fi.

Leadership Team


Fi Network has its headquarters and operating office in Philippines.

We have been starting ideas and developing them since the end of 2020 and officially completed the platform and launched the community on June 23, 2022.

The Fi Network development team is from Singapore. We have more than 12 years of experience in managing, maintaining and developing platforms and websites for online casino companies and corporations.

All games in the Fi Network ecosystem use Fi coins to play, and only Fi coins are circulated in the Fi Network economy.

Currently on the market there are many projects that show a clear and specific roadmap for several years, but that cannot help them avoid failure and bring losses to many investors. A project is developed based on important events and can be changed flexibly rather than conservatives on the part of the founder, especially in the current volatile and fast-changing market. in.

Fi Network with the ultimate goal is to become the world’s first Casino floor to apply Blockchain technology to create all the games inside the floor and make Fi the main trading cryptocurrency in the ecosystem. exchange with trading volume in the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the largest trading volume in the world, all of which will bring profitable and explosive investment opportunities in the future for Fi Network investors.  We aim to create the world’s first transparent, open and fair Casino playground.

Currently, we are operating and developing strongly in countries such as: Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, China, Singapore, England, Ukraine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, Korea,…

When participating at Fi Network, investors will become owners of Fi mining plants, through the purchase of mining machines worth $100, $500, $1000 and directly receive revenue from the sale. Fi coin has been mined. The opportunity to increase assets many times is for investors who know how to seize the opportunity and accumulate Fi cryptocurrency, because of the growth of Fi through each stage as well as after listing. In addition, investors are also supported to participate in games in the Fi Network ecosystem to find opportunities to increase their assets many times.

Counter-score also known as Slippage is buying the wrong result of the match, it goes against traditional betting.
For example, you buy the result of the match between Malaysia and Japan is 0-0, at the end of the match with the score 0-0, you will lose all the money you bought. On the contrary, if the final result of the match is not 0-0 i.e. any other result then you will be the winner.

You know the strength of our team is in the field of online betting, so we understand that we should build a community based on games. If we offer a fixed supply from the beginning, the community will have limited access to the game and experience because some investors hold Fi for a long time, meaning many players want to play the game now. but there is no Fi to play, that goes against our community development plan and strategy, instead we will use it to build the community in the early stage and by the end of phase 3 we will summarizes and gives a fixed supply for the Fi cryptocurrency.

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